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Issues with the Chalkboard Facebook App

Here are some issues that you may face when using the Chalkboard Facebook App:

1. HTML5 Location Awareness not working on Safari browsers (version 5.1.2) with Mac OS X Lion

If you experience problems in determining your location using Safari browser, here are the steps we suggest you to do:
1. First empty your cache and close all browser windows.
2. Restart Safari.

We have done a few tests to show that the Safari browsers in Lion are not working properly. We run Chalkboard Facebook App together with the HTML 5 Demos for Location and found that the browsers Chrome and Firefox are showing the correct location while in Safari 5.1.2, it’s showing the location from the last location which the user is logged in. We have reported the bug to Apple and hope that they can resolve this HTML5 bug in their browser as quickly as possible.

(To be updated).


Experiences from Chalkboard Publisher – 2359 Media

Here’s a video testimonial from one of our first publishers, 2359 Media with their app, SG Malls. Zhou Wenhan, the co-founder of 2359 Media speaks about his experience working as a publisher with Chalkboard. You can download their app to see Today’s Specials nearby you here.


Publisher Update: Deprecation of Old API

Author Lichi    Category Developer

Hello Chalkboard Developers and Publishers,

Your friendly geeks at Chalkboard here. We have recently undergone major infrastructural changes to make your experience at Chalkboard better, and as part of the change, we will be shutting down the old API by 31st July, 2359hrs. This API has been deprecated since October 2010, and we have finally made the decision to pull the plug on it.

If you are still on the old API, you have another 2 weeks to migrate to the latest API.

So how do you check if you are still using the old API? If the URL your API calls has the domain that match the follow:

you are still using the old API.

To upgrade, simply change to

Put simply, the change is in the domain. All you need to do is to change ‘chlkboard’ to ‘yourchalkboard’ and your API will continue to work after July 31st.

For more information regarding Chalkboard API, feel free to visit or contact us at .


Tech Update: Chalkboard API and Chalk Widget

Today, we are releasing a major update of the Chalkboard API and also making our new web widgets go live. For mobile developers and web publishers, we are making some significant changes over the next two weeks on the platform. As we are committed to ensure that our products get better, we are deprecating JQChalk and putting up our new web widget entitled “Chalk” (that is imbued with HTML5 and IP Locator). Read More


Introducing the new Developers page

Recently we’ve released a new layout for the Developers section at the Chalkboard main website. The page now focused on highlighting the tools, SDKs & code samples that we have for developers, the benefits of using Chalkboard content into your application and a list of applications & webapps that is using Chalkboard APIs.

We’re adding more to this list which includes our list of website publishing partners.

Learn more about Chalkboard Promotions API. Interested using Chalkboard for your business? Learn more about that too »


Windows Phone 7 workshop with AppVenture

Dear developers, our friends at Microsoft & Project Nimbus is organizing a Windows Phone 7 workshop this coming Saturday, 15th January 2011 starting from 10am till 12.30pm. In this workshop, developers will be shown rapid application development using the free Windows Phone Developer tools & how to access the phone APIs such as Location, Push Notification and so on. There’s also a chance to bring home a free Windows Phone 7 if you bring your idea or prototype and share it with everyone at the event.

The event is happening at Microsoft Auditorium 1,  21st Floor, Marina Boulevard, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore.

Register here.

More details at the MobileAlliance website.


Dear developers, we need your feedback!

We at Chalkboard are constantly improving our service, especially to our dear developers. I’d like to ask for your feedback on how we can further improve our API. Click on the link below to a Google Spreadsheet form and tell us your opinion!

Thank you :)


Monetize your map applications with Chalkboard

Location-based applications for the web & mobile are hot these days. You can see a map there, another map here and a map when you click on a button. Maps are everywhere. But the question is, are you monetizing them properly?

That’s where Chalkboard’s Promotions API comes into play. Chalkboard allows you to push smart, relevant & targeted promotional content on your map pages or applications. Along with your location’s information & map, you will be providing a valuable discovery feature to your users. You’re helping them to save money by discovering nearby promotions around a particular point of interest. As the application developer, you’re adding a new source of income aside from the typical Adsense or AdMob.

Below is an example of using 3 different popular mapping services that you can use (or using) and an example of how you can attach Chalkboard promotion content and display them together with your map. The example below is basically showing you  a custom 300×50 dynamic text and image ad placed below the map provided by your favourite service.

Using Google Maps API

Using Maps API

Using Microsotf Bing Maps -

If you don’t like to display the promotional content using a typical ad format,  you can also display them as map markers or push pins. There’s so many different ways you can use Chalkboard Promotions API and display them with or on a map.

I’ve put up together a couple of code samples on Github. Check it out!

Read about Chalkboard for Developers APIs, SDKs and code samples »

Sign up for a Chalkbaord developer token »

If you have a business and curious about Chalkboard and how it works, visit the Retailers page and contact us.

30 now comes with local nearby promotions

Smoov, a Singaporean startup is a mobile community platform that is redefining user experience for mobile users in Singapore. Wireless@SG & myNTU users can now login to the platform using their existing username. Users from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and OpenID can also log in at Smoov. There’s no need for registration. Nifty!

Users will have access to 3 core services: Socialise – which you can see a stream of activities from your friends, Organise – a huge listings of mobile web applications that’s been integrated with Smoov and Localise – a local section that features your friends’ point of interests and recently, nearby promotions which is powered by Chalkboard. So, not only you can find share interesting places, but you can also find deals & promotions nearby your favorite spot.

Smoov locations and deals!

A promotion page powered by Chalkboard.

Smoov is a smooth mobile platform and the good thing is, it works across all mobile devices. That’s the cool thing about them. Not only that, the people behind this startup are a bunch of really cool geeks & they even have something like an internal Barcamp some sort.

Visit on your mobile device »

Learn more about Chalkboard Promotions API »

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Launched: new Chalkboard layout for mobile

Today we’re proud to announce a brand new layout for Chalkboard landing page for mobile.

It has better & much more cleaner interface. A better distinction to encourage actions.

Now you can share a promotion from Chalkboard on Facebook, Twitter and tell your friends about it!

Now you can find directions and redeem that irresistible promotion from a Chalkboard retailer.

All of our current developer partners will be able to see this new layout in their applications as of today. I look forward to hear feedback about our layout and suggestions on how we can further improve it. Props to our in-house designer, Serge, for his inspiring design.

We’ve also recently released a variety of code samples & SDKs for developers to quickly integrate our Promotions API on Android, iPhone & mobile web applications.

Learn more about Chalkboard Promotions API »

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