Tech Update: Chalkboard API and Chalk Widget

Today, we are releasing a major update of the Chalkboard API and also making our new web widgets go live. For mobile developers and web publishers, we are making some significant changes over the next two weeks on the platform. As we are committed to ensure that our products get better, we are deprecating JQChalk and putting up our new web widget entitled “Chalk” (that is imbued with HTML5 and IP Locator).

  • Promotions API Update: We have updated our documentation on Promotions API, particularly on how the developer can extract promotions based on category and also the extraction of the categories list that Chalkboard is currently providing. Do check for updates on categories as we are in progress to improve the relevance of the categories. We have also improved the performance of the API with respect to speed of data extraction.
  • New Web Widget “Chalk”: For Web Publishers, we have redesigned the web widget and makes it easier for the web publishers to display our promotions once they signed up for a token key with us on Chalkboard. All it takes now is one line of code and yes, we are using iFrame to protect your website from our widget. In addition, once the user has enter your site once, he/she no longer will see the irritating ‘Share your location’ alert that you have provided feedback to us about as we have implemented a IP locator script if HTML5 does not work.
  • Deprecating JQChalk: We have decided to deprecate JQChalk to make way for better user experience and simplify the process for web publishers to get started with delivering Chalkboard content quickly as part of their website.

At the moment, the Chalkboard team is in the process of improving the developers signup and dashboard. The aim is to allow developers to sign up easily and manage their mobile applications and websites easily with the token key and documentation provided. You will be informed when the changes happen.

Here’s a demo of our new “Chalk” widget