Issues with the Chalkboard Facebook App

Here are some issues that you may face when using the Chalkboard Facebook App:

1. HTML5 Location Awareness not working on Safari browsers (version 5.1.2) with Mac OS X Lion

If you experience problems in determining your location using Safari browser, here are the steps we suggest you to do:
1. First empty your cache and close all browser windows.
2. Restart Safari.

We have done a few tests to show that the Safari browsers in Lion are not working properly. We run Chalkboard Facebook App together with the HTML 5 Demos for Location and found that the browsers Chrome and Firefox are showing the correct location while in Safari 5.1.2, it’s showing the location from the last location which the user is logged in. We have reported the bug to Apple and hope that they can resolve this HTML5 bug in their browser as quickly as possible.

(To be updated).