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Chalkboard Tutorial: Update Today’s Specials with Twitter

While we have made some recent improvements to our Chalkboard dashboard, we have produced a series of videos that can help them to use our system better. In the final of our three parter series, we have produced a video to teach our small and medium business (SMB) owners how to update their today’s specials with Twitter. Our twitter integration allows the SMB owner to send out Today’s Specials via twitter, ignoring replies (@), hashtags (#) and retweets (RTs).


New Location Page!

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We know how merchants love interacting with their loyal customers, so we’ve revamped our merchant location web pages to help increase communication with them! With these new pages, we’ve now empowered merchants to engage in two-way conversations with their best customers.

Customers access a merchant’s location’s page in the same simple way they’ve always done – by clicking on that merchant’s promotion. In addition to being able to share these promotions with their friends through Facebook, Twitter and email, customers can now ‘Like’ and forward them via their Facebook account.

Customers that love a merchant so much they want to track its every update, even when out of the vicinity, can now do so with our cool ‘Follow’ button. It will provide instant updates via email on everything that the merchant has posted on Chalkboard. Plus, it will even suggest other merchants they might like!

Customers can share the love for a merchant or offer by rating and leaving a comment via Facebook, Yahoo!, AOL or Hotmail. Comments can be posted by customers, business owners, and friends encouraging interconnections within our growing Chalkboard network.

Note: these new pages are only available on web browsers at the moment, so customers will need to access promotions via our web widget. We’ll be back soon with a mobile version of these features!


Improved Dashboard Feature: Twitter Account Integration

Author weisin    Category Chalkboard

Business owners can now integrate their Twitter account with their Chalkboard account with more ease! We are always looking to make our product more user-friendly, so we’ve rolled out an easier version of our Twitter feature. This lets businesses add their Twitter account to their Chalkboard account, so they can publish promotions directly from Twitter. Kudos to Warun, our resident geek, for this awesome improvement!

All Chalkboard promotions will now also appear on Chalkboard’s Twitter feed. You’ll see the location, a glimpse of the promotion, and a link to the entire promotion.

Read on for instructions to activate and use the Twitter feature.

How to Activate:

Step 1: Login to your Chalkboard account. Access your dashboard.

Step 2: Click the “Add Twitter Account” button. You should be navigated to Twitter’s login page.

Step 3: Login to your company’s Twitter account.

Step 4: Upon successful login, select the locations you want your Twitter account to post promotions for.

Note: Uncheck the “Protect my tweets” box in your Twitter settings to allow uninterrupted posting of promotions from your Twitter account.


You’re now ready to tweet promotions to customers!

How to Tweet a Promotion:

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account.

Step 2: Tweet your promotion. It’ll appear on your Twitter feed, Chalkboard’s Twitter feed, all Chalkboard-supporting apps and widgets, and your Chalkboard dashboard.

Note: Retweets, replies and mentions will not be detected as promotions.

And you’re all set!

(Don’t worry if your tweet isn’t updated on your Chalkboard dashboard instantly. Please give us 2 minutes to sync the accounts.)

To edit your Twitter locations, or to deactivate Twitter from your Chalkboard account, simply click on “Twitter Settings”, where the “Add Twitter Account” button used to be.


5 Principles for Agile & High Speed Development @ Open Web Asia

Yesterday, I was invited to speak in the Open Web Asia on the topic “5 Principles for Agile & High Speed Development” and shared the Chlkboard story with the delegates there who come from all over Asia. In essence, I discuss how Facebook, Twitter & FourSquare have successfully evolved quickly with their platform and data, and how common principles can used to provide a guideline to most start-ups when planning for their new ideas and getting them to market quickly. I also discuss how Chlkboard have rapidly evolved from the start of launching a platform to moving towards fast growth via 3rd party applications. Read More


Chlkboard Video: Are you a smart shopper?

Yesterday, we have just started our social media blitz and also launched an interesting YouTube video that can help both retail/outlet advertisers and consumers to understand how Chlkboard actually works. We hope that you like the video and let us know your feedback on our product.


How Retail/Outlet Advertisers can Sign Up on Chlkboard

For the past 2 weeks since the launch of Chlkboard web app, our sales team have reached out to retail and outlet advertisers in Singapore. As to why we started this service, our aim is to provide a platform for small and medium enterprises so that they are able to access the walking crowds within the vicinity they are in (with us planning to scale down the distance down slowly from 10 km to 1 km radius). One can think about the Chlkboard platform as a digital billboard for the retail and outlet advertisers which is non-intrusive to the consumers. We have done some extensive research from consumers and at least 7 out of 10 do not like the push strategy of getting hit by SMSes in the city area. Our web app utilizes the pull strategy instead. We believe that the consumers can turn our solution using their mobile browser and search for the most locally relevant promotion available in the area.

Here is our step by step guide how the retail/outlet advertisers can sign up our service on Chlkboard. Our web platform specifically supports the advertisers and how they can manage their locations listings.

Step 0: To start, you do need to sign up a new account from and that will also be the same user login for the web platform. Upon complete the registration on Twitter, you should log out of twitter and return to the main page in Chlkboard.

Step 1: From the main page on the site, you click on “Sign up now”. Note that once you are signed up with Chlkboard, you can definitely login again using the same twitter account under “Already an advertiser, login here”. If you have a twitter session logged on, we recommend that you log out from there, otherwise, you might into an OAuth error.

Step 2: You will be directed to a Twitter account authorisation page where you just key in your twitter account and password. Note that the Chlkboard platform does not save the password for the twitter login. After logging into the twitter, please click “Accept” the Chlkboard application, and you will be redirected to the Chlkboard platform to finish the sign-up.

Step 3: On the “Finish Sign up” page, you will fill in your retail/outlet name, address (without the unit number), unit number (if you are located within the shopping mall), mobile number which you want to send promotions from via SMS.

Upon adding the data successfully, you will see this screen:

Step 4: You will be led into the Dashboard page where you can manage and add listings.

On the dashboard, you can see the two important metrics: (1) Total Chalks – Number of times your promotion has been seen on the mobile phone, and (2) Unique Chalks – Number of times your outlet page and promotion has been clicked and viewed.

Step 5: You can view and edit your retail/outlet entry by clicking “View” or “Edit” respectively.

If you want to add another retail/outlet, you can click “Add new Location”, and you will be directed to this form:

Important: For all advertisers, each twitter account is uniquely tied to one SMS number which you can send promotions to this number +65-81378395 in Singapore. If you have many listings, every time you send a SMS or tweet, the promotion will be distributed across all locations.